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元智大學新南向產學新模式與印度SASTRA大學、塔塔集團 產學合作




塔塔集團是印度最大的集團公司,2012年印度塔塔諮詢顧問公司 (Tata Consultancy services) 在SASTRA大學招聘 1,755 名學生,創下單一校園招聘人數最多的新世界紀錄。元智大學為遠東集團創辦,產學關係密切,並提供學生遠東集團實習計畫,銜接未來就業,未來期望透過類似這樣的學程或計畫,促進元智與其他學校或企業更多的夥伴關係,培養更多國際流通優秀人才。


In cooperation with SASTRA University in India and Tata Electronics, Yuan Ze University launched online opening ceremony on August 18, 2021 for MA in Semiconductor 1+1 Program. Combining Taiwan’s semiconductor industry with high-quality education, YZU, SASTRA University and Tata group jointly establish a new model of southbound industry-academia collaboration.

New Southbound Milestone

Yuan Ze University Establishes Outreach Center in Thailand

Under the global COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan’s border has been rigorously guarded against the epidemic, and it has also made it more difficult for foreign students to enter the country. Yuan Ze University regards the crisis as a turning point and has established Yuan Ze Outreach Center in Kasetsart University in Bangkok on February 18th. The Outreach Center invites 48 representatives, including Li Ying-yuan, Ambassador of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Kampanat Pensupar, International Vice President of Kasetsart University, where the office is located, and Ching-Ting Lee, Vice President of Yuan Ze University. The opening ceremony is held in an online and on-site interactive manner.

The deputy dean of the Faculty of Science, Dr. Suriya Na Nongkhai, and the head of the Department of Information Technology, Dr. Pakaket Wattuya, of Kasetsart University, cut the ribbon and unveil the signboard on site, marking a milestone in YZU’s southbound development.

Ching-Pu Chen, the Chief Global Officer of Yuan Ze University explains why Yuan Ze University Outreach Center is located in Thailand: Yuan Ze University was established at the beginning focused on applied engineering and management, which is similar to many areas of Thailand 4.0. Therefore, Yuan Ze University also organized the Yuan Ze Thailand High-tech Exhibition in October 2019, linking Taiwanese manufacturers and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office of Thailand, to try to match industry-university cooperation. The establishment of the Outreach Center is to take the local advantages and hire project managers who are good at Chinese, English, and Thai to build up the academic cooperation network with local contacts; and to promote industry-university cooperation and students' overseas internships. The current cooperation between Yuan Ze University and Thailand includes the 3+1 exchange training program of Kasetsart University, the professional training program for the Education Bureau of Chiang Rai City Government, and the Thai internship program and summer camp.

It is worth mentioning that since 2009, the College of Management in Yuan Ze University has promoted students to go to Thailand for internships. Intern students are required to speak Thai, allowing them to experience different cultures and mindsets from work and language. YZU offers Thai 2-3 classes every semester, in the Fall 2020 semester, there are about 100 students that take these classes, which shows its popularity. In the past 10 years’ internship program, YZU students have been to Thailand. This year, the "TEEP@Asia Plus Project" will also invite Thai students to come to YZU to experience academic and practical education.

Ching-Ting Lee, Vice President of YZU, says that to build an international campus and cultivate students' global mobility, recruiting foreign students is an inevitable choice. That Yuan Ze University, aligned with the government's new southbound policy, sets up an outreach center in Thailand, is an important step to promote the marketing of YZU’s education, exchange of teachers, joint research, industry-university cooperation, and international cooperation.

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