Travel to Nantou-Story of Dipta from Indonesia

Updated: Nov 29

Dipta - Department of Information Communication,

"Learning while travelling, a trip to remember" - this described the whole journey, that I did. Got the chance to travel around to the most popular place in the southern part of Taiwan. Starting the journey back from Neili, and travel to Nantou to do my routine ritual there. Even for a short time, I got the chance to enjoy the view of Sunmoon Lake from above, in such shiny weather.

Departing from Nantou, the "learning travelling" trip moves to Kaoshiung. Right there, I got the chance to visit a lot of modern places and places with a lot of memories inside them. Learning the culture not only from the people but from all the places, I visited. After those learning sessions, moved to Kenting where I really enjoy the view and nature there.

Driving for 1.156 KM from north to south and back, was really worth it. The experience that I got was something else and it was fun to know more about Taiwan and the culture inside it! This is one of the trips, which I will remember for a long time, too

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