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Pingxi Lantern Festival-Story of 阮氏胡艷 from Vietnam

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

A warm experience from 阮氏胡艷, a Vietnamese student in EBBA department. I got the chance to visit the 2022 Pingxi Lantern Festival, in Taipei. Pingxi's Sky Lantern Festival marks the Lantern Festival every year, and it is considered to be the most prominent event in Taiwan, along with the Fireworks Festival in the south. Around the time of the Lantern Festival, the Sky Lantern Festival in Pingxi attracts over 100,000 visitors. In the dark sky, hundreds of sky lanterns carry blessings to the heavens as specks of red light adorn the darkness with a mesmerizing hue of maroon. As someone who lives far from home, I got the chance to attend this festival with my friends. It filled me with a lot of happiness and hope. I hope, my wish can be granted.

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