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Food!-Story by Razat Kharga

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Taiwan has a plethora of cuisine to fill one’s appetite. The amazing night markets, food joints, hot pots, convenience stores, university food courts, and upscale restaurants provide ample choices that one can go to feast on.

Every part of this small island has its own signature dish to offer. A sense of ‘hot and noisy’ feeling makes this island breathe. From the powerful smell of stinky tofu to the juicy fried chicken or to the sweet steamed buns, your palate is always full.

Taiwanese cuisine has a distinct flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more. The local indigenous flavor mixed with a hint of the outside cuisine makes Taiwanese food unique. Indeed, the best way to explore the local culture is through the food they offer, and Taiwan leaves no mark unturned.

Yuan Ze University has several food courts that offer a wide variety of local and foreign dishes to fulfill your appetite. FYI!! Halal food is also available. Among the variety of Taiwanese dishes comes a list of my top favorites.

And many more dishes to fulfill my palate. So next time you are in Taiwan, take a glass of the local draft beer, and share your plate with the friendly locals and Gān bēi!! the next Taiwanese dish.

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