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Shiva's experience of YZU

My name is Sirmulwar Shiva Prasad, I am from India ( A place where people believe in “unity in diversity”). I study “Bachelor in informatics engineering “at Yuan Ze University.

The period I like most so far at YZU is the examination period where everyone studies hard and tries to give good competition to their classmates. I also like YZU because of the many extracurricular activities they provide. My study here so far has not been too easy but it has been worth every sweat. I, however, can not wait to experience my first summer vacation in Taiwan.

我叫做Sirmulwar Shiva Prasad,來自印度,一個人民信仰「多樣化團結」的國度。我目前在元智大學就學,攻讀資訊工程學士學位。就讀期間,我除了喜歡元智提供的各種課外活動,我最喜歡的時刻莫不過於考試週,因爲每個人都爲自己努力著,而元智給予同學們一個良好的競爭平臺,即便我在這裡學習並非全然輕鬆,但值得一試。不管怎樣,我現在迫不及待地想在臺灣體驗我的第一個暑假。

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