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2021 Global Mobility Trip 5-Longgang and Beach Cleaning

On the last trip, before beach cleaning at Taoyuan Newstreet Wetland 新街溪濕地students visited the Zhongzhen New Village Cultural Park 忠貞新村文化園區where they learnt the history of Taiwan’s military kindred village and hands-on to make Thai papaya salad. After food hunting in the Zhongzhen market, students took a leisure walk or bike along the new home green corridor. “I felt so great to see various type of Southeast Asian snacks on sales, they were tasty and had somehow comforted my homesick stomach! It was also my first time to participate in beach cleaning, which is a very meaningful memory to me.” said Tay Yang Long, a third-year undergraduate from Malaysia.

An international family portrait wearing the Yunnan traditional costumes

Students working hard to spot and remove garbage on the beach

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