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2021 Global Mobility Trip 1- Taipei

Language and cultural learning were certainly more exciting when foreign students had the opportunity to explore and learn about the culture of Taiwan through touring the various heritage sites, organised by the Global Affairs Office (GAO) of Yuan Ze University in the month of October 2021.

Mooted by the GAO Chairman Prof. Chih-Yang Lin, five trips in total were aimed at encouraging the foreign students to take part in a variety of enrichment programmes, to ensure the students are not only excelling academically but also have the chance to embrace the beauty of their residing country.

Among the many places visited throughout the first tour included The Red House(紅樓), North Gate(北門), Zhong Shan Hall(中山堂) and Futai Street Mansion( 撫臺街洋樓) which are the historical symbols of Taipei city. The participants also explored Dadaocheng (大稻埕) nearby on foot, one of the oldest streets developed into a sprawling place of trade in tea, herbs and all manner of dried goods. In this area, participants also learnt an interesting art activity of making printed fabric with in bloom DIY.

Group photo in-front of The Red House (紅樓)

(Walk around North Gate (北門) Taipei)

(Enthusiastic students making their personal handicraft)

(Participants showing off their personal handicraft)

“I am grateful to have this opportunity to understand the history of Taiwan while enjoying the walks around Xi-men-Ding(西門町). Without explanation, I may only know it as a famous shopping district. On top of it, I have tried some delicious traditional drinks such as the sour plum soup and Chinese herbal tea. It was a good try as I never taste them before.” said Dipta. He is a Master student in Information Communication from Indonesia who love to travel and eat.

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