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2021 Global Mobility and Field Trip to Miaoli joined by Global MBA Students funded by GAO

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

As foreign students studying in one of the best private universities in Taiwan, we are lucky to be students of Yuan Ze University. We are also lucky to be in the college of management and enrolled in the GMBA department. We are some of the fortunate students who were given the opportunity to visit the beautiful county of Miaoli. With the help of our Professor and department, the field trip was sponsored by the GAO office (the office responsible for international students). We were able to have the experience of Miaoli county’s culture, for the county is well known for its high percentage of Hakka people. The county has an amazing sight view of the strawberries garden on the highways. It was really a tabletop land and surrounded by tall mountains. This trip also gave us an opportunity to get together as classmates, work as a team outside the classroom settings and know each other well. Most of us come from different countries, cultures, and speak different languages. Our professor decided to organize this short trip to Zhoulan town, which is located in Miaoli county. He believes that having to work with business first hand, will help us to understand the ethics and corporate social responsibility of the work dynamic. We rode the school bus in the early morning and it took us about 2 hours to get to the first place, which is the Jin Fong Farm. This place is famous for its poinsettia flowers. We were there right before the Christmas holiday season so we had the chance to see the fully blooming flower farm before they are shipped to the wholesalers. The flower farm is pretty well-organized, well-maintained and eye-catching natural producing flowers along with amazing art placed to showcase its beauty. The farm owner was very hospitable and let us try the herbal tea that was grown on their farm.

Our next stop was at the amazing "Yu, Deng-Cyuan a contemporary artist" art gallery, which was something very lively, incredible and perfect example of a man's artistic talent and his story that motivated him and led him to create such an amazing craft that were on display. It was amazing to hear about the feat of the man behind this composition from our curator. The place and the people detailing us about the gallery were pretty welcoming and hospitable. We are very grateful to them for offering us some refreshments in no time. The artist works are oriented towards everyday life and family’s happiness. We were impressed by his family series. Through the sculpture, one can feel the love and care of the parent for their child and also the peace and happy society. Looking at the stories behind his art series, most of us on the trip have similar stories from our countries. We can say that as human beings we are similar in some type of way. Later in the day, we had our next visit to a beautiful "Orange farmhouse" another epic sightseeing. The owner is an architect, who designed the orange farm into a beautiful location for camping and outdoor wedding. We were shown some incredible masterpieces of the things they made " best from waste" typically known as recycled products. These are unwanted things from the farm or nearby place which he turns into beautiful architecture. The place seemed more of a recreational park that accommodates people who wish to holiday there. we were also treated with some oranges along with a couple of other fruits making us do it as an activity and ended up relishing it. Also, very insightful information was exchanged with us from the host present there. The last place for us to visit for the first day of the trip was the Hua Tzu Tsai Villa. The Villa is owned by Mr. Lin, who was very hospitable. He was waiting for us in front of the villa gate to welcome us. He introduced us to his peaceful villa and also provide a small activity for us. We made the Tanghulu, which is the traditional Taiwan candy.

The next morning, which was our second day of the trip we were scheduled to visit the same places again but divided into groups and work as a team. For our team which is joining subgroups, we were responsible for the Art gallery which we sought to know in detail. We had the opportunity to do an interview and know more about the artist in detail and the motivation behind his amazing artwork. His work was essentially based on generations in a family and happiness. Moreover, it was nice to know that he is sensitive towards the environment and wants to do more for society and his inspiration is growing by the day.

Meanwhile, we were able to eat traditional Hakka food which was relishing, we also had a couple of birthdays celebrants to add Cherry to the cake. Our stay at the hotel was exclusively taken care and sharing rooms with our classmates was a great experience. We took a lot of photographs and filmed videos. We would really like to thank our department, GAO and Yuan Ze university for sponsoring and giving us the absolutely amazing field survey-cum-trip that we will cherish for a lifetime. And last but not the least, we will thank our Professor for being brave to take the responsibility for our safety. He was a great mentor during the trip, so nice and friendly to us all. We have learned a lot in this trip and also seen and experienced firsthand the family dynamic of Taiwan. With all the three businesses we have visited, we could see the love shared to help these businesses grow and also their love for nature and the well-being of the people around them. It was apparently for the first time for most of us coming across with such a diverse experience and helped us know each other briefly.

(Taiwanese 3, International Student 23)

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